General Information & Rules

The following competitions are planned for 2011:-

All the competitions require a minimum number of entries to run.

Competition entry is £15 per person (unless otherwise stated) and includes entry to the show both days.

At the moment some of the details are still for the 2010 competitions. The rule packs will be updated when 2011 packs are available.

Derby World Wargames 2011

25mm WRG 6th Edition Ancients - Competition rules and Clarifications 2010

15mm WRG 7th Edition - Competition rules 2010

Modern - 6mm 1946-2005 - Competition rules 2010 - 2011 Competition Central Europe 1983 - see BGMR Yahoo Group

Armati - 15mm Ancients - see Armati Yahoo Group

Flames of War -15mm WWII - Sponsored by Kerr and King - Competition rules 2010 and Mission 1500 points Midwar

15mm FOG Ancients - 15mm Team competition (individual entries also welcome) - Competition rules 2011

15mm DBMM Ancients - Competition rules 2011

28mm Armies of Arcana - Sponsored by Terrain Warehouse UK - Competition rules 2008

25/28mm Impetus Ancients published by Dadi & Piombo - Ancients and Medieval - Competition rules 2011 1 day competition £12 Entry (includes entry to show both days - game tables available Sunday for Bring and Play on first come first served basis)


We will consider adding other periods providing there is sufficient interest and an umpire is available

Competition Entry Form

Entries to these periods should be sent to
Derby Wargames Associates
53 Breedon Avenue
DE23 1LR
Entry fee 15 per person or 45 per team
Cheques should be made payable to Derby Wargames Associates  
 Closing date for entries 7th September 2011